Words of wisdom: Dr. Miguel Stanley - Rareş Cojocaru

Words of wisdom: Dr. Miguel Stanley

Words of wisdom: Dr. Miguel Stanley

Last week I had a great honor to have met and interviewed Dr. Miguel Stanley. He is my favorite dentist (after my mother) and such an inspiration for me and many students and dentists around the world.

“We live in a society of speed. This is changing younger generation’s brain to think that things can happen fast. On top of it, we live in a society that idealizes instant fame” – Dr. Miguel Stanley

What remained the same is the eagerly desire of young students to find a path they could follow and be successful. From Romania to Portugal and US to India, everyone wants to be successful in their profession. And more important, to be happy. But sometimes this comes with a price and when you reach it there is a chance you don’t always see it.

As a dental student in an Eastern European Country, but with great aspirations, these thoughts have been running in my mind in the last couple of years. What is the best track I can follow in order to become both a great dentist and a great person? Who are the true models out there I can get inspiration from? Is there a key to success?

Dr. Miguel Stanley is more than a doctor. He is someone who offered me through social media a lot of valuable advice and guidance over the last year and a half. And so.. I wanted to meet and spend some time with him, capture some of that advice in an attempt to share it with you.

Without further due, I am leaving you with the video bellow. Hope you enjoy it!

Dr. Stanley is CEO and Surgeon at WhiteClinic; You could follow him on his BlogFacebook, Twitter and  Instagram.

*Interview took place in Bucharest at #AbsoluteEsthethics congress by SSER.

Video shot with Canon 7D, EF 18-135, Rode VideoMic with great support from F64

Camera and editing: Raymond Popa

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