That time in Russia - Rareş Cojocaru

That time in Russia

That time in Russia

Five things about the video:

* 80% is filmed on an iPhone5 and 5s.

* It took me about 6 months to start editing. On the one hand because I lost some of the footage and with it my enthusiasm. Secondly, because I was focused on other projects, such as the dentistry vlog.

* I love a good edit when I see it, but I’m not much of an editing guy. I enjoy filming, being there with the camera and living the experience. It took me way to much for editing these shots and got tired after a while.

* The video has no color correction applied. I’ve taken it into consideration before being exhausted with the edit and realizing I have 3 types of cameras with 3 different types of light. Also the lack of skills had a major say on this.

* For four years now I am part of an incredible organization that shaped me in a way I never thought is possible. This NGO is Rotaract and we are helping communities all over the planet. Changing the world one can say. Bit by bit. This video is shot at the Rotaract European Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia.

P.S. Sometimes I would like to make them shorter…

Second camera: Valeriu Istrati


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