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1 year follow up video with Dr. Miguel Stanley

There are dentists. There are great dentists. And there are dentists who #changethegame; this article and video bellow is about one. There is a memorable scene in “Inglorious Basterds” – one of Tarantino’s masterpieces. In a German tavern, during the Second World War, Lieutenant Archie Hicox (Michael Fassbender) a British undercover...

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Un mesaj pentru colegii mei studenți

Fiți proactivi! Astăzi am simțit nevoia să intru în direct la Avocatul Diavolului cu Vlad Petreanu și Cristian Tudor Popescu. În ultimele zile mi-am încurajat colegii și prietenii la proactivitate, dar unele răspunsuri m-au dezamăgit cumplit. Dacă aveți prieteni care gândesc la fel, trimiteți-le înregistrarea de mai jos, mesajul lui...

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What I want for my 22’nd birthday

I am turning #22 today. Instead of gifts, I want to help #22 people to get access to clean water. Please help me to make this possible https://my.charitywater.org/rarescojocaru/what-i-want-for-my-22-nd-birthday Later Edit: We did it. The campaign is 100% founded after only 16 hours #amazing. But you can still donate!! We want to go...

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How I feel about Brexit

The elder have decided the future of a young generation who understands that economy is global and isolation is a bygone era. Sounds familiar, isn’t it, Romania?!. If there was ever a lesson to be learned about the importance of using your vote, this is it. We need to be...

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